The Concept/Art/Confession Group is pleased to present the project Reconstruction № 1 (2011), photo-objects created by Alexey Shlyk and sculptures by Anton Nichiparuk.

These artworks filled with poignant meanings and visual features examine the primal beauty of human body and the crossover between femininity and masculinity. Although the artists call into question the concept of ‘archetype’ and the universal symbols it might entail, yet they seem more interested in what resides beyond the realm of the quintessence of human body, such as imperfection, the ordinary, the effects of the passing of time, and the dramatic nature of humanness.

By incorporating the texture of the wood into these artworks, artists seek not merely to represent the male and female bodies, but to challenge our very perception of it as well as the nature of the mediums.
Moreover using wood panels is not innocent: it is indeed a reference to the tradition of icons paintings. Such reference allows the artists to transform the ordinary into unique, banal actions into sacral ceremonials. It brings flat photographs into corporeal existence, making them tangible objects. It would be erroneous to think that Reconstruction #1 is a panegyric on the cult of the incarnate body. Far from implying any religious commentaries, these artworks convey deep reflexions on life, death, existence and embodiment.

These artworks speak in a heterogeneous visual language: the contemporary questions of gender counter the ‘archaism’ of the techniques; the dichotomy between the softness of flesh and the roughness of the natural elements attract the viewer’s attention, who confront the subject directly.

Blending together literalism and symbolism, these close-up photo-objects and sculptures disclose traces of man and women, their strength, their fragility, their fear. Their bodies torn apart then recomposed on thick piece of wood constitute a new body, a new flesh. In the end, Reconstruction №1 convincingly interprets gender incongruity.

All images © Concept/Art/Confession Group, Alexey Shlyk

Silver Gelatin Prints on oak and cedar wood